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E kaabo(Welcome)

Hello, I am so pleased to have you here. My name is Kike, I am a mom of two amazing children, a wife to a great man and a Woman who loves to explore different cultures.

Over the years, I have learnt that the easiest way for me to learn about new cultures while also preserving mine is through food.

Why Food?

  • Food is a natural Ice breaker and I believe most cultures cherish their cuisines, so trying a meal from a different culture is a sign of respect
  • The palate travels quicker than the feet.

This blog is mainly about introducing you to my cultural heritage through different approaches.

I will also be sharing recipes that are unique to my culture and some inspired by my palate travels( If you know what I mean).

  • I would discuss the basics to achieving great tasting home cooked meals.
  • I would discuss ingredients and their various uses.
  • I would share food storage tips.
  • This blog aims to be a one stop hub of information regarding Nigerian recipes and recipes from across the World.
  • I hope to talk about the positive and negative aspects of my culture.
  • I would also introduce you to rare foods that don’t get to be in the spotlight often.

I hope you will be around for a long time to explore with me.

Thank you.


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