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Have you just moved abroad or do you plan to relocate soon? -African in a new land

Starting a new chapter in a foreign land brings about different layers of emotions -Joy, anxiety, fear, uncertainty, hope, sometimes even sadness. These emotions make an already ambiguous situation, all the more stressful.

Whatever the feeling is for you, planning ahead will make a huge difference in helping you embrace your chapter sooner than later.

An already difficult situation becomes even more complicated, when your new home has little or nothing in common with your previous home- Don’t judge, People move around for various reasons best known to them, every situation is different.

Do your due diligence – Find out about the cost of living, do you have enough money to afford rent, health care, feeding, transport, school fees, bills and so on.

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Take that bold step

Make a to do list and work through it, do not be in a hurry to know everything about your new environment all at once.

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Enjoy your new Adventure…

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