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Palate Explorer- Must have Pantry Essentials.

Getting Home from work exhausted and hungry, you just want a meal that is easy to put together, nothing complicated ,lots of flavours would be welcome. You head straight to the Pantry only to discover that you have absolutely nothing to work with, sheer disappointment, Pizza it would have to be again!

I am here to help you avoid those type of days, keep reading to get a list of my Pantry Essentials, you can always refer to this list to help you stay on top of your Pantry inventory.

Buying items in bulk or in bigger sizes is one way to save money and also have items for longer, you should aim to buy products with longer best before dates.

Canned, dried, bottled, pickled, dehydrated should be your go to items when shopping for Pantry items. Click on the Product links below to shop Pantry items and Storage containers to help Products stay fresh.

These pantry essentials will keep your Pantry stocked for easy and quick meals for very busy nights but for fresh everyday meals, it is important to buy fresh produce.

If you buy any of these items through my link, I would get a small commission but this would not affect the price of the item.

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