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Manage Stress and Anxiety.

Choosing wellbeing over expectations.

Enjoy Nature

Stress can occur as a result of situations that affect us emotionally, physically or mentally, so it is very important to address and understand situations around us that trigger stress.

Being in a constant state of Stress can affect our general well being and put us in a very bad place.

Here are Seven things that can help you start the journey to finding yourself , these are just personal opinions and should not replace any professional help you are receiving.

First of all, let us touch on some of the reasons why you might be feeling burnt out. There are numerous reasons you might feel that way, People or situations around you constantly make you feel less than enough, Work deadlines, debt, relationship or Family worries and so much more.

I will get straight to the point, I am not trying to write a whole book, but I will encourage you to invest in good books that will delve more into the psychology of emotions and wellbeing, which is my first point:

  1. Spend time reading– This is first on the list because I believe in the positive effects of reading great books and how they can shape our minds. Reading can be therapeutic, offer advice, educate and help build confidence. The list of good books to read are endless, you can shop a few of my favourite via the links below:

If you would like to have access to great books for less, then you should consider getting an Amazon Audible membership, get a free 30 day trial by clicking on the link below.

2. Write down your thoughts– Our minds are very similar to the internet, we feed it with a lot of information, bad,good, ugly, evil and so on, we must find a way to empty all of the negativity, you do not have to write an award winning article , just start writing today, write about things that make you happy or even sad events, sometimes talking might be quite difficult, so start with a pen and paper , it helps free your mind up. Investing in a good journal will help you cultivate the habit of writing. Click the link below to get my go to journal.

3. Surround yourself with People who love you– Having People who genuinely love you and are aware of your struggles with loving yourself is truly a blessing, keep them close, but remember that ultimately, self love starts with you, accept your flaws, past mistakes. understand that the People you love might not necessarily be the ones who love you, genuine love is neither condescending nor critical of our struggles so choose your circle wisely.

4. Get Professional help– If you are in a dark place, it is very important to seek professional help, talk to your Gp, they would be able to recommend the help you need, do not feel the need to struggle alone, do not worry about what People would think, oftentimes People find it hard to understand things they have not experienced so don’t shrug your concerns off.

5. Do away with negative thoughts – Negative thoughts creep up in the most unusual circumstances, it comes in many forms such as Self doubt , lack of belief in self, questioning Self worth and so many other ways. Discover activities that help you relax and include them in your routine. Cycling, Swimming, walking, and cooking are a few of the activities that can help you relax.

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6. Be kind – When we go through things, it is easy to get lost in all the negativity and forget to help those who actually need us, do not assume that your situation is the worst because People around you are smiling, they might be struggling as well, so be careful with your words and actions.

7. Relax – Spend a little time and effort making your environment relaxing, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on this, you can craft or look out for sales and offers. Having a relaxing environment can make us feel better about ourselves, it would also bring a sense of gratification.

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