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African food has the ability to instantly make the darkest days more glorious. It can be likened to Afrobeats. Try a properly cooked plate of Jollof rice or well fried puff puff to understand what I am talking about. While you are at it, listen to “Okay” by Adekunle Gold aka AG baby or “Until we try this Lo” by Asa. The satisfaction that immediately hits your soul is unparalleled.

As satisfying as most African meals are, they do tend to leave their mark on your waist line, arms and every other part of your body the excess fat can attach to. I know there are many diets out there that swear that you can loose weight on an African diet, I am not referring to those meal plans. My reference is to authentic African food that instantly take you back to mama putt(a general name for most of the local restaurants that sell great tasting meals in Nigeria).


Try loosing weight on a diet consisting of Pounded yam and Egusi soup or Eforiro, Yam porrige, Eba and okro soup, Moi Moi and Garri or Pap, White rice and Ofada sauce. The list goes on. If you are able to, please let me know how you do it. I know balance is key and important to keep a healthy weight and I sincerely do not sit and stuff food down my throat. I eat moderately, but I love my African food.

My intention is not to demonise African foods because there are in fact foods that promote unhealthy weight gain in many other continents and culture. African food is delicious and full of so much flavour and this can encourage one to go for seconds or even thirds, this is often where the danger lies.

It is also unusual to see people combine their meals with salads, when they do, it is often loaded with high calorie sauces such as mayonnaise.


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Ultimately, it is important to eat everything in moderation, fast occasionally after speaking to a doctor to make sure you have no underlying health conditions. There are certain health conditions and medications that could stall weight loss or increase fluid retention in the body. Be sensitive about passing comments regarding people’s weights because you do not know if they are struggling with their health.

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