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African caterers in the Uk part 1

  1. Palm Tree catering & Decor Ltd.

Why do Africans eat with their bare hands?
This is usually the first question I get asked when I tell my non African friends to ask me questions about my culture. I understand the intrigue though, why use your hands when there are numerous cutleries to choose from. Eating with…
African food-Taste and depth.
Africa is a continent that consists of various countries and cultures, so talking about Africa as a whole would be impossible. There are however certain similarities among various parts. Food is one aspect that I see a lot of similarities,…

2. Tasty African food


3. Bring & Braai. An outdoor mobile braai(BBQ)caterring service


4. Bekes caterers

5. Squires African Restaurant

6. Ile Afrik

7. Cooking with Ayo

8. Laraba catering


Being African Abroad-Food, culture, heritage, recipes, life.

9. Burrell Catering

10. Mrs J foods

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