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A few of my favourite things

The easiest way to learn about new cultures is through their food- Let’s eat and learn together..

Asun ( Spicy Goat Meat) is a popular snack – It is roasted Goat meat sautéed in a pureed scotch bonnet and onions.
Puff puff- This is another popular Nigerian street snack

Agege Bread-A popular soft Nigerian loaf.
Dundun ( Fried yam, Dodo (Fried Plantains), Ede (Shrimps) and Akan ( crabs) are all street snacks that can be found in Certain areas of Nigeria.

Palate explorer-Learning about different cultures one meal at a time.
Rice and peas, goat meat curry and fried plantains are Jamaican meals, but similar meals can be found in many African countries.

Boli and epa (Roast Plantains and groundnut(Peanuts)-A popular Nigerian street snack.
Dodo Gizzard/Gizdodo-Fried Plantain and gizzards(Giblets) cooked in blended bell pepper, tomatoes, scotch bonnet and onions.
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